Shop at Home Depot

More than you already do, I mean.  The American Family Association (AFA – who I am totally NOT going to link to because I don’t want them to even think I might support them) is trying to organize a boycott of Home Depot because they (Home Depot, not the AFA) sponsor gay pride festivals and parades and provide insurance benefits to same-sex partners.  All reasons to shop there more, not less.

End of public service announcement.

Check this out – my favorite books combined with one of my favorite movies.  Thanks, Jenny!

I have to admit, I didn’t clean out my closet.  I looked through it, realized I really do wear most of what’s hanging in it, and got rid of one shirt.  Most of the clutter in there is made of shoes, totes, and random small overnight bags.  It was too intimidating over the weekend.


  1. Ha! That was great. I just heard about that video on the radio today and was going to check it out. Thank for sharing it!

    I just watched “Jane Austen Book Club” and now I want to start my own JABC. 🙂

  2. Melvin?

    Too bad Lowe’s is better, but I’ll make an exception. If you have totes you don’t want, send ’em my way. Love TOTES!
    Haven’t seen the video yet. I’m in class and that might be disruptive. 😉

  3. Zannah

    Greg, thank you. 🙂

    Min, I’ve got TONS of totes. I’ll sort them out and let you choose soon. And now there are more videos for you to watch.

    Wombat – I wasn’t crazy about The Jane Austen Book Club (book or movie), but I love the idea and I LOVE all of her books.

    Spokeit – I made sure I had my Jane Austen: The Complete Novels on every deployment. I don’t leave home without it. (Not for extended trips, anyway. I go to work without it.)

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