Recut movie trailers

I could swear I’ve posted these two videos before (or at least linked to them), but I can’t find where, so here they are again.

First, from yesterday’s comments, a brilliantly edited trailer for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that puts Cameron in the Ed Norton role from Fight Club. It’s awesome (and thanks to Greg for finding it).

Second, from several years ago, here’s the recut trailer for The Shining that makes the whole thing look like a feel-good movie.  I always get nervous watching it, but trust me – there’s nothing scary here.

Third, this recut trailer for Mary Poppins that scares the *&^! out of me every time I see it.  So much that I’m not watching it right now.  I’ll post it,  and I might watch it when the sun is shining, but certainly not now.  I keep going back to it, though, ’cause I love how terrifying this guy made Mary Poppins.  It’s awesome.

Last, I have to share this link from Spokeit’s post today.  The site is called Catalog Living, and the woman who runs it posts pictures from Pottery Barn catalogs and tells the story of the people who live there.  The one who live in the catalog.  They (the people who live in the catalog) are totally passive-aggressive, and the site is completely hilarious.  These two are my favorites (one and two) so far.


  1. Oh my gosh. LOL over Mary Poppins. I used to sing the “Stay Awake” song to my son when he was really little. Never thought it could sound scary. Too funny!

  2. Zannah

    Corey – Scary Mary is only terrifying at night. During the day, she’s slightly creepy.

    Wombat – don’t show it to your son! Poor kid will think his mom’s out to get him.

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