Ambient Noise Problem

That should be the name of a band.  Two things (not at all related to band names):

  1. New phone!  New phone!  Send me to the head of the class, I’ve got the newest phone out there!  (For the next day or so.  That could be out of date already…)
  2. I’m expecting a ticket in the mail.

Let’s address these in order, shall we?

  1. (I’m into organizing my thoughts right now.  Kind of.  We’ll see how it goes.)  Anyway, 1. After our phones crapped out on us again this weekend (they don’t even make it through one 20-minute conversation anymore, and when the beeping starts (low battery indicator), the phone dies before we can lunge for a charger.  (We had the same phone.)  Say goodbye to the old cell phone, the phone that was pretty much just a phone (It had a camera, but the camera sucked.  It had an mp3 player, but after a while, we stopped using it.), the phone that made us think we don’t need our cell phones to be more than just phones because we’ve got laptops, right?  And mp3 players.  And other stuff.  And we’re dinosaurs.  So say goodbye to the cute little antiquated flip phone that couldn’t anymore.

    His had a blue faceplate. 'Cause we're cute like that.

    And say hello to tomorrow!  (Okay, maybe it’s an hour ago.  2pm?  Come on, it’s still the new thing, right?)

    Once again, we have the same phone. So we immediately chose different backgrounds so we can tell them apart.

    Hello, Evo 4G! I picked them up late last night, and I’ve hardly had time to play yet. The way this evening is going, I’m not going to have much time again, and it’ll have to wait until after work tomorrow. How can I possibly concentrate on work when I have this cool new toy?

  2. This ticket.  Not the good kind, where you get to see a band or a show, oh no.  The bad kind.  And it’s so totally John’s fault.  I had to go to DC this afternoon for work, and there’s this left turn that has a really quick green arrow.  In the afternoons, it only lets two to three cars through at a time.  John always gives me a hard time about stopping for yellow lights, so I did the mildly aggressive thing and followed the second car into the intersection.  Naturally, the light turned red while I was in the middle of the intersection.  All of a sudden, I was blinded by the flashes of two traffic cameras.  Cameras I hadn’t seen before I made the turn.  Cameras I didn’t see until they flashed and took a picture of me running a red light on a left turn.  Cameras that I would swear weren’t there just last week when I made that turn.  That’s neither here nor there, I know.  But now I’m anxious.  I got caught doing something I know is wrong.  To make matters worse, I have to WAIT before I can take care of the fine or whatever.  How long will I have to wallow in my wrongdoing before I get the ticket in the mail?  When can I be put out of my misery?  What if the picture didn’t get my license plate and they never send it?  Will I have to deal with this anxiety forever?

Did I got a little too far there?  Am I being too melodramatic for you?


  1. Zannah

    That’s easy. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have tried to make it through the intersection on a yellow arrow. See? Totally your fault.

  2. okay, I just found out that if you try to post two comments in a row right after one another, you get an error message that says, “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” WTF is that?

  3. Zannah

    We practice safe commenting here. Go the speed limit and wear your seatbelt. (I don’t know why it does that. Maybe it’s a spam prevention thing?)

    Wombat, can you add lawyer to your peace keeper duties and have the ticket issued in John’s name? 🙂

  4. Corey

    Z, I don’t think you’re qualified any longer to give The Wombat traffic advice. Enjoy your new phones! Does this mean you’ll finally start texting?

  5. Eee- new phones are exciting! And I did that one time, got caught by those cameras! I’m sorry you have to pay that ticket, and that it’s not for a cool concert instead.

  6. Ah, but did they get a photo of you trying to post that fast, Wombat? That’s the question…

    I am not good at updating my phones. The most recent phone was so overdue that I was excited that it had a camera. The first one I was excited that if you jumped through a lot of hoops, apparently it was possible to access the internet. Provided you were wearing reading glasses. That thing must have been at least an inch thick. You would have figured they could fit in more screen. Congrats on your shiny phone!

  7. Zannah

    Thanks! I love it, but it’s already WAY more of a distraction (at work, when that’s a bad thing) than my old one. My old one just sat there. This one stands on its head and tells jokes.

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