L-double O-N-Y

Do you talk to yourself?  I do.  In the car, in the kitchen, at the mall, out loud and in my head.  When I catch myself talking out loud (That’s the second time in two sentences I’ve typed “out load” instead of “out loud”.  Issues.) and I’m not alone (walking down the street, through the grocery store, in the parking lot), I tell myself to cut it out, usually in some kind of crazy-sounding hiss.  “Stop talking to yourself!”  It doesn’t keep me from looking crazy.  I hope no one notices.  Is it weird?  Or normal?  I really can’t tell.


  1. Only one who listens

    You do realize telling yourself “out load” to stop talking to yourself is a bit of a contradiction?

    I’m like Natalie (hi!) except I make strange facial expressions that I can’t even see. Go figure…

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, I’m full of contradictions. 🙂 And I do the face thing, too. That might be why small children run away…

    Natalie, considering how much I use my hands when I talk to other people, I’m a little surprised that I don’t when talking to myself. Maybe because I don’t need to illustrate my point? Since it’s me, and I understand myself (generally).

    This isn’t making me sound less crazy.

  3. I talk to myself sometimes. But more often than not, I have whole conversations with myself IN my head- which is then broadcasted to my face. So really, it’s just like talking ‘out load’ because people know exactly what I’m saying/thinking. It’s not cool.

    Especially when I’m thinking ‘That is a hideous outfit!’

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