Completely stumped

The fan is on high, and I’m watching the chain swing around in a circle, and I think it’s drawing all the thoughts out of my head.  It’s going around and around and around…  If I were insanely rich, I’d have a couple of rooms in my house for totally mindless entertainment.  One would be like a moonbounce/trampoline room.  The floor would be all trampoline and the walls and ceiling would be padded.  No sharp edges or hard surfaces.  I’d have another room with lots of stuff hanging from the ceiling all the way to the floor, like bead curtains or wind chimes, things that make tinkly sounds when you brush by them, sort of fake-waterfall, liquid-y metal things.  Those rooms would be in addition to the multi-story library, of course, with ladders and spiral staircases and galleries and stuff.  And the theater.  And the gym.  And the pool.   And the GIANT bathroom and awesome kitchen.  Um, those would be separate.

Around and around and around…


  1. Jessica

    I want a room full of multicolored glass birds. Maybe butterflies too. And lots of gauzy fabric all over the place. Totally useless, but think how gorgeous and sparkly it will be in the sunlight.

    Difficult to dust though. So never mind. That’s not at all what I want.

  2. A trampoline room would be AWESOME. No one would ever see me again, but if they did I would probably have lost weight.

    I think you should make the tinkly things room the hall.

  3. Zannah

    Exercise! Of course! Like I needed another reason to want a trampoline room. And if I make the tinkly things room the hall, the front hall, then no burglars will ever be able to sneak into my house. Provided they’re polite enough to use the front door.

  4. IBCRandy

    Of course they could try to sneak in through the window in the trampoline room, but they would be simultaneously baffled and entertained, and would end up just jumping a while and then leave.

    But on second though maybe a window in the trampoline room might just be asking for trouble.

  5. Melvin?

    Your library needs to have crazy stairs like in Labyrinth that go up and down and sideways and upside down… And if David Bowie is wandering around in there, that’d be pretty cool too.

    I like your wandering thoughts, stream-of-consciousness entries. You don’t have to be on drugs to have happy thoughts about tinkling rainfall beads and stuff.

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