My attempt at a normal post


So if I’m not talking about work, I’m not talking about anything?  Feels that way.  I’ll try harder.  Remember that time when…no.  Do you ever feel like…no.  How about those Nats?  NO.

Roku is awesome.  Netflix instant is awesome.  Someday, John will put together a computer we can devote to the TV so we can cancel our cable and that will be awesome.  In the last week, we’ve started watching Weeds (love it), Arrested Development (LOVE it), and Doctor Who (like it and expecting it to get better – we’re only three episodes in).  There’s some really good TV out there.  And that’s awesome.  🙂

You know what else is awesome, in a bullying kind of way?  Riley.  He grabbed one of the chewy bones, laid it on the floor right next to the other one, and is guarding them both.  He doesn’t care about chewing on them, oh no.  He just doesn’t want Roxy to have them.  It’s the only power he has.

This is not normal.


  1. IBCRandy

    Glad you’re liking Dr. Who. It really is sickening how much I have been sucked into that show. It gets better, but it stays at pretty much the same level of cheese (though the effects get better as time passes too, so that helps). I usually didn’t watch it when Dana was around, and I can very clearly recall at least three times where she’d walk in and I’d be mildly embarrassed because I realized that to an outside observer it must appear to be the most ridiculous show ever created. And in many ways it is, but it’s brilliant. I want to say more about when it gets good, but there’s that whole spoiler issue. Pesky spoilers. I will say you should always pay attention, because they will sneak in reoccurring jokes, particularly in seasons 2-4, without any fanfare whatsoever. You think something is a throwaway line, but then they bring it back up 6 episodes later. They’re devilishly clever.

    Ok, not fair for a comment to be longer than the blog post, so I’ll shut up now. 🙂

  2. Zannah

    I love recurring jokes! My favorite scene in Castle is the Halloween episode from last year – wait. Have you seen it? If not, I’ll shut up until you do.

  3. IBCRandy

    Oh yes, I’ve seen it.

    “Didn’t you wear that, like, 5 years ago?”

    Was brilliant. Which reminds me it’s almost halloween again. Maybe he’s wear a Captain Hammer costume this time. Which is actually what I’m trying to coerce Dana to dress up as. She can be Dr. Horrible, I’ll be Captain Hammer, and Juliette can be Bad Horse (she just won’t know that her horse costume is supposed to be an evil horse).

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