More free time please

I finished The Power of One tonight.  Really liked it, but I thought the ending was too abrupt.  I want more!  Good thing there’s a sequel.  Too bad John wants to read it first.

I would really (REALLY) like to have a lazy weekend, but I don’t think that’s in the cards.  What would I do with my lazy weekend?  Weeds marathon.  There are five seasons available on Netflix Instant, and John and I are in the middle of the second season.  Maybe we’ll take breaks from replacing the brakes on my car and other chores and have a couple of mini-marathons.  Maybe.  And Arrested Development.  (Did you follow me there?)  We’re still in the first season on that show.  There’s just too much TV to watch!


  1. Corey

    terrific movie, too. Stephen Dorff, Morgan Freeman, Armin Mueller-Stahl and the debut of a young actor named Daniel Craig. (At least I think it was his debut.)

  2. Zannah

    You’re right, it was his debut, and I hated him in it. Which probably says good things about his acting. I don’t want to hate Daniel Craig.

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