Pet photographers have more patience than I do

We bought new dog beds a few days ago, and the dogs LOVE them.  They’ve never seemed to care about dog beds before, but over the last couple of days, we’ve hardly seen them anywhere else.  They haven’t traded yet, either.  They used to not seem to care which bed they hung out on, but this time, they’ve each claimed one.  It’s cute.

They were being awfully cute most of the day, but now they’re in trouble.  We left a couple of short glasses of milk on the coffee table for a few minutes, and Riley DRANK THE MILK while we were in the other room.  The glasses were upright but mostly empty when I went back in the family room, and there were tell-tale drops splattered near the glasses.  We’re pretty sure it was Riley.  Roxy would have knocked the glasses over.  I don’t understand how we didn’t hear him drinking, though.


  1. Where did you get them? We’re thinking of getting an old lady bed for our old lady, Sophie. 😉

    Okay, I wish you’d gotten video of the milk sneaking. That would have been highly entertaining. Roxy probably was telling him he shouldn’t be doing that the whole time he had his snoot in the glass.

  2. Momma Betty,

    Ha! No, I don’t know her, but my two were kinda like that. One always getting into some kind of trouble and the other running to hide so she wouldn’t be implicated.

  3. Zannah

    Got them at Target for $30 each. A steal. Video of the milk theft would have been awesome. We never catch them in the act, though.

  4. IBCRandy

    My mother in law got me a foam bean-bagish bag chair for Christmas last year. My dog (Bilbo Waggins) has never been a dog bed fan before (he ate the previous ones) but he certainly annexed my chair. When not “all up in our biscuits” he’s either on the end of the couch or in my chair.

    And for the record, it’s a very comfy chair and absolutely perfect for curling up on the floor in front of the TV.

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