Why I Want to Move

Reason #24: From our bedroom, I can hear every conversation the neighbors have when they’re out on the sidewalk saying goodbye to their guests at the end of the night.  I can hear the guy across the street whistle for his dog.  He’s whistling that distinctive whistle people who can whistle whistle when they’re calling their dogs in from the yard.  You know which whistle I’m talking about.  (Whistle.)  I can hear the car door close when my early-rising neighbor goes off to work at god-awful-early-in-the-morning.

Point?  I don’t want to live this close to my neighbors.  I like the idea of neighbors, I like having them, I like knowing them, and I kinda wish I knew some of them better.  But I don’t want to hear them when I’m inside.

Can they hear me?  Can they hear the TV or the music I was playing when I picked up this afternoon?  Don’t invade my privacy, neighbors.  And get off my lawn!



  1. Zannah

    You think? I’m plenty social. I just want to be able to shut out outside noises when I’m inside. Peace and quiet, please!

  2. I want to slip my next door neighbor a note telling him that Click and Clack have confirmed that you do NOT have to warm up your car before leaving for work. Especially when it really isn’t that cold out and you’re in dire need of some muffler work. I hear this each morning BEFORE my alarm goes off while I’m wearing earplugs. 😛

  3. momma betty

    Our neighbors had a party last night. But we mostly only hear them when we’re in the family room. We can’t hear them from our bedroom, but I must admit it annoys me that they sit outside and drink and smoke and play loud music and talk so loud. But then I think, why shouldn’t they?

  4. Zannah

    I love Click and Clack!

    You’re right, Mom. Why shouldn’t they? So maybe our real issues are with our walls. We should soundproof our houses.

  5. IBCRandy

    December 10th, so you can stop being jealous. That’s going to be a cold move. But it has a hot tub and fireplace, so my warm back up options are many.

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