My titles are often not relevant

Or pertinent.  I like that word.  I should use it more often.  I’m failing at the go-to-bed-earlier game.  Again.  As a result, this post, like these sentences (but not this one in particular), will be short.

With all the talk of loud neighbors, this made me laugh.

Goal for tomorrow: manage my time so I can read and write and be asleep half an hour ago.  (That would be impressive.)


  1. Zannah

    Perfectly illustrates why I sometimes hesitate to comment on other sites.

    On my site, though, inanity is welcomed. Encouraged, even!

  2. I love getting comments of all sorts. It’s great when people have something interesting or supportive to say, or a similar experience to share, but I’m pretty sure I would also be pleased as punch if a post of mine inspired someone to say “Muuuuuuuuurg.”

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