Technical difficulties

It’s funny what an unexpected internet outage can do to an evening. Since yesterday was my day off from exercising, I’d planned to spend some time reading my regular blogs (it’s been a couple of days) until John came home and we ate dinner.  Instead, I got home from a whirlwind day in DC with my boss (We commuted together and were in almost every meeting together – that’s a LOT of quality time.  I value my time alone in the car after days like this; I need it to relax and let the day go.  Didn’t happen.) to find that we had no internet, we had no phone (we have Vonage for the house (needs internet) and my cell phone battery was dying), and the problem seemed to be with the cable company.  At least we had power.  It was cold in the house, so, while I waited for John to come home so we could have stir fry for dinner, I made myself some de-caf Earl Grey and curled up under a blanket on the couch with my book.  My new book, a mystery set in post-WWI England with a haunted detective.

The internet came back this morning (obviously).  I missed it.


  1. IBCRandy

    It certainly throws a monkey wrench in my evenings when that happens. Especially since my evenings typically consist of either watching something streaming from Netflix/Hulu or playing online games. At least my Kindle has 3G built in. 🙂

  2. momma betty

    What’s the book? I think I put it on my wish list to check it out later. Sometimes it scares me to realize how dependent I am on the internet. I just read a book that was set in 1992 with flashbacks back to WWII. I think it was deliberately set in the early 90s because if the heroine had had access to Google and cell phones, the mystery would have been solved in 10 minutes.

  3. Zannah

    Yeah, I would have used my phone, but it had to stay plugged in to my computer, and without internet, what fun is my computer?

    Mom, I just updated the What I’m Reading section with my book. It’s part of a series by Charles Todd (which is a pseudonym for a mother-son team, I think). The detective is Ian Rutledge. I have no idea which book is first, although it wouldn’t be that hard to find out.

  4. Zannah

    I liked the first one I read enough to look for more. The mystery parts are good. I’m on the fence about the psychological trauma. I don’t remember having a problem with it in the first book (which was later in the series), so maybe the writing got better as the series went on.

  5. So instead of watching as much TV as we normally do, we read. I liked it, actually, even if I was reading something required for my research methods class. I think we should try to do that more often.

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