Will you be my life coach?

Thanks to Emily (and the totally random subject of an email she sent to John), I think I’ve found my calling. Or at least another job possibility should I decide 9-5 in the IT world isn’t doing it for me anymore. I could totally be a life coach. I just googled it – there are certification courses in life coaching. Who would pay someone for that? More to the point, who would pay ME for that? And how can I convince them to?

No segues come to mind, so let’s work together on this and pretend I found one so I can abruptly change the subject.

Here’s a transcript of a voice recording I left for myself on my phone (that I’d forgotten about), I think from early December:

We’re driving home from John’s parents’ house, and we just passed a sign that says we’re in a highway safety zone for the next three miles.  I said, “What does that mean?”  John said, “It means you can dance…if you want to.”

And then the giggles I was suppressing broke free and I think that might be a snort right at the end of the recording.  Unfortunately (for you, maybe, but I think I’m okay with it), it’s not saved in a format I can convert to mp3, so you don’t get to hear it.


  1. I know this girl from high school that calls herself a life coach. I see updates on facebook. I think she went to a special ‘life-coaching’ school.

    I have NO idea who would pay for that. But it seems like a pretty good scam if you can get into it. I wouldn’t quit your day job yet though.

  2. momma betty

    Ok, the youtube video–that’s just weird…but even weirder, how did you all know about that?

    The life coach scam: I thought that’s what mothers were for–to tell you how to live your life. And we do it without certification! But, oy, the pain…labor…well,three C-sections….

  3. Zannah

    The pain…the labor…the surgery…the GUILT. Keep trying.

    As for the song, it must be a generational thing, Mom. Or a pop culture thing. Bit of both.

    Is it wrong of me to say that my own post kept me chuckling all day? Every time I thought of it, I heard John, and I laughed.

  4. Zannah

    Hilarious, Ms. Tokenblogger. I find your frustration amusing. Not so much the unpaid part of the internship, though. Room and board, at least? Surely it’s worth that.

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