It’s now or never

My willpower and I had a showdown today at work, AND I WON.  I said no to a crock pot full of warm melted white chocolate.  I said no again to the crock pot full of warm melted milk chocolate.  I said yes to the strawberries piled up next to the two crock pots full of devilishly wonderful bad stuff.  (I had to say yes to something or I might have cracked.  Any why say no to strawberries?)  And then I left the room.  Didn’t look back.  Only drooled a little bit over the plates my coworkers brought into our next meeting.  I am stronger than white chocolate!

Then I went to the gym for two hours (back to back classes), and then had a little bit of cheese with crackers and apple slices with peanut butter for dinner.  I need to feel virtuous (and crow about it) or I might lapse into recriminations for making myself missing out on strawberries and bananas dipped in melted white chocolate.  I’m on day three of calorie-counting again, and I’ve instituted the rule that worked so well for me last time: if I can’t count it, I won’t eat it.


  1. Zannah

    Good plan! Diet through shame. 🙂

    The worst part about this blog post is the Gary Puckett song stuck in my head.

  2. So, since I can’t eat milk or dark chocolate anymore, I’ve learned to love white chocolate. If you like coconut, Lindt now makes a white chocolate coconut bar that is soooooo good. It could be your little cheat when you feel you need to. It’s broken into convenient little squares just perfect for a sneak treat. 😉

  3. Jessica

    I so would have caved.

    Apparently, I went for the food poisoning method of weight loss this week and ended up in the ER. I don’t recommend it.

    (I’m fine, by the way. The ER was probably unnecessary.)

  4. Zannah

    Wombat, I’ll look for it the next time I’m at the store. Sounds delicious.

    Jess, apparently this week was a good one for food poisoning and ER visits. John’s brother ate an undercooked pork chop, got food poisoning, and ended up at the ER for dehydration. I’m glad you’re fine now, though. (He is, too. Fine and glad you are, I’m sure.)

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