Planning (again) (still)

I’m traveling for work next week (for the first time since last June – this isn’t anything like a continuation of last spring’s craziness and stress), so I’m making lists.  I have so many lists I need a list to track my lists.

  • List of stuff to do at home before I leave
  • List of stuff to get done at work before I leave
  • List of work stuff I need to get done while I’m away
  • List of stuff I need to take with me (personal)
  • List of stuff I need to take with me (work)
  • List of stuff I need to be ready to do when I get back (personal)
  • List of stuff I need to be read to do when I get back (work)

I can’t think of anything I have to do that doesn’t fit into one of those categories.  Sometimes a list like that makes me feel organized, like I can get everything done in time.  Not so much tonight.


  1. Melvin?

    I have post-its on my computer (not real ones, it’s a program) that are “organized” kinda like that. One has a to-do list for the day, another has a to-do list for around the house, to-do before I leave, to-do for school. . . Yeah, I feel your pain.

  2. momma betty

    melvin?, do you look at your lists online? I have a task list on Outlook, but it just depresses me when so many of them turn red…….and stay that way.

  3. Zannah

    I haven’t found a website that does to-do lists the way I like them. There’s an add-on for gmail that works pretty well. I just want something online so it’s not tied to a place. (I’m not crazy about the mobile lists I have on my phone. One is okay, and I use to for grocery shopping, but it takes longer to add stuff to the list than it does to do each thing

    Mom, I never use the task list in Outlook. I hate the red thing. It’s like caps lock – don’t get all red and mad at me!

  4. Melvin?

    Nope, just post-its on my desktop that list all the crap I have to do. But they don’t yell at me. Fortunately, I can just move something NOT done on the “today” list to the next “today” list without too much guilt and shame.
    Skinnamarink out. Or was I Dinky-doo? Meh, does it matter?

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