The rain is rolling in

We’ve had a stretch of beautiful weather this week.  It had to end sometime, and sometime started today.  Today was all gray and ominous, and it’s supposed to rain for most of the weekend.  Rain is good, but sunshine makes me happier.

The dogs need a walk before I head to the gym tonight, so I’m heading out the door.  We’ve been going on a lot more walks lately.  My theory is that the more I can wear them out on a leash, the less likely they’ll be to get all hyper in the yard and dig holes to get to the rabbits (the EVIL rabbits) mocking them from the other side of the fence.

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  1. Melvin?

    A tired dog is a happy dog.

    Rain hasn’t hit here but apparently it’s east of us. We’re supposed to be getting some too later. And then the temp is gonna drop. Just in time for Florida!

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