Lack of objectivity

Hi.  My name is Zannah, and I’m a Les Mis-aholic.  Kind of.  (Whoops.  Failed already.)  I’ve seen the show five times I can think of off-hand (possibly six), and I never get tired of it.  On my way to work this morning, I heard on the radio that it’ll be at the Kennedy Center for the whole month of October.  I want to go!  I won’t make John go this time.  He’s gone twice (once when we were in college, and once a couple of summers ago (he bought me the tickets for Christmas – made me cry)), and he was underwhelmed both times.  The question becomes (once I decide it’s worth $100 to me (it totally is, but I can’t be objective about whether or not that’s a ridiculous sum of money)) do I go alone?  Silly question.  Of course I’d go alone.  But maybe I don’t have to….are my friends (the local ones, anyway) cuckoo for Les Mis-flavored Cocoa Puffs?


  1. Margaret

    I want to go!! I heard it was coming ot the Kennedy Center and got really excited too. I saw it once when I was about 11 and fell in love with it and have listened to the music about a zillion times since…not sure we’ll be able to drag Erik…

  2. Margaret

    I can go anytime, really. I assume weekends are better in terms of work schedules, yes? And I assume you guys don’t want the crappy $45 seats? So exciting!

  3. Melvin?

    Uh, count me in. Seriously. Mark won’t wanna go and maybe I can get a weekend away out of it? Too fun. Seen it 3 times, I think. One show MORE! (at least, naturally, just wanted to get the song reference in.)

  4. Zannah

    Yes, weekends are better, and yes, I’d prefer not-crappy seats. Mind, take a look at the schedule and let us know what might work better for you, since you’d be traveling.

    I’m very excited.

  5. momma betty

    Not fair. I won’t be able to come in October. Just beware, anybody that goes with Z, be prepared for massive weeping….from Z and Melvin?.

  6. momma betty

    Maybe I should have been more explicit: prepare for out loud embarrassing sobbing. (But if I were there, I’d be doing it, too.)

  7. Amanda

    LOL! I’ll remember to bring extra tissues. I can go anytime and you guys can decide on the seats. I’m up for anything.

  8. Zannah

    Cool. I’ll bug Mindy to look at a calendar.

    The last few times my weeping has been a bit more subdued, Mom. I went with Adam and Simone a few years ago, cried some during the show, sure, but I bawled my eyes out once I was in the car by myself. Maybe if I’m not alone, I can keep it under control. 🙂

  9. Melvin?

    Night show, matinee (almost typed “manatee” there but fixed it, embarrassing!), Saturday, Sunday? I should think I could probably get a flight in Friday if I book it soon enough. Doesn’t matter to me. If we go later in the month, they should have all the kinks worked out.

  10. Jess

    Coming a little late to the party, here, but if I can convince myself to spend the money, I might be up for this. And if we can do it around the 15th of October, that would be ideal because Chuck will likely be underway for COMPTUEX for a couple of weeks and I’ll be all by my lonesome self. But, really, it can be any time.

  11. Jess

    Aww, I like how you went from excited to “SO MUCH FUN” in big capital letters like that after I joined the fray. 🙂

    (Is that even how you spell fray? It’s not a word I use often.)

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