Google disconnect

First, I had no idea a lunar eclipse was going on right at this moment.  (You can’t see it from the US, unfortunately.)  I went to Google, saw the Doodle, and clicked on it to get the links.

Gotta love the Doodle

Apparently, there’s a lunar eclipse happening.  It might be over now.  But one link in particular jumped out at me.

Let’s look at that a little closer.

The moon is going to turn black and explode?!?  When?  Today?  HOLY SHIT!  (I may be exaggerating my reaction.)  I clicked the link and was sent to the Wikipedia article.  It doesn’t mention the moon exploding even once.

Where did that blurb come from?  How did it get there?  Is anyone going to investigate this irresponsible misuse of Google?  The Internet has run amok!

Update: Google is fixed.  Please return to your regular programming.

Update again:  Apparently, it was a Wikipedia prank from earlier today.  Wikipedia fixed it, but it was still in Google’s cache for a while.

The clock is ticking

Work is getting in the way of studying.  And time is flying when I do study, so I’m not getting as far in the material as I plan to each time I sit down.  Stress-stress-stress, panic-panic-panic.  I need a few more hours.  Which probably means I’m not going to the gym tonight.  🙁  On the one hand, I’m not thinking about anything else when I’m working out, so I could use it to clear my head, as a break from studying.  But a) I don’t think I’ll really need a break (math is fun! and also, the midterm is tomorrow – who has time for a break?), and 2) I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about it.  I mean, I figured out where I went wrong on the last problem in my latest quiz while I was in the shower this morning.  Not exactly the place for studying.  Why would I think I could escape it (or really want to, with the midterm looming so close) at the gym?

I’ll make myself a deal (’cause I really would like to exercise today): if I do nothing but study from the minute I get home and I make it through section 12.4 by 6, I can go.  If I don’t make it that far, I can’t.  I’ll run before work tomorrow morning either way.