Hope your day started better than mine

And I’m not talking about the weather.  Sure, it’s cold, rainy, and gloomy, but I plan to stay inside most of the day, all cozy with the dogs.  No, John and I got up and got ready to go out (he’s heading to his parents’, I was going to run a couple of quick errands), but before we could leave (thankfully, really), Roxy had a seizure.  She’s been having them about one every week and a half or so, and I knew she was due for one this weekend.  That was one of the reasons I had planned to stay home with her rather than go to PA in the first place.  And maybe she did me a favor by getting it over with first thing – now I don’t have to worry about it every time I leave the house.  Not for another week and a half, anyway.  We (me and Roxy) spent about half an hour on the floor together, me holding her still, her drooling and panting on my right shoulder and arm.  I certainly won’t be going out in the clothes I was wearing, and that sweater might be a goner.

She’s partway back to herself now (she’s eating).  Once she recognizes her name, I’ll feel comfortable leaving.


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