I need to take better notes

There was something I was going to write about, something John said or did, but I don’t remember what it is.  I had a very frustrating day that went straight into an online midterm review.  That went pretty well.  I feel better about the exam, at least.  So instead of whatever it was I was thinking about earlier, you can have these instead.

1. Look!  An adorable baby goat playing king of the mountain and being adorable!

And 2.  This (from reddit) makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I think I need to see Madagascar.  Jungle animals doing hilarious things sounds really appealing at the moment.


  1. Zannah

    I can sleep easy at night knowing I’m doing my part to keep goats from going extinct. They were in danger of that, right?

  2. Jess

    Hey, my comment got translated into html. It left out the part about “followed by something akin to jazz hands” because I had it between carats. Or whatever those things are that look like carats turned sideways. They probably have a name.

  3. Zannah

    Apparently, they’re called inequality signs. I thought they’d have another name for other applications, but I guess not. Angle brackets and chevrons are taller with a less severely angled point. Yay wikipedia!

    Ooh, I saw lots of sheep running in a field today. I thought of you.

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