Wildlife sighting! Hearing, really, but who’s ever heard of a wildlife hearing?

The other night, John and I got up at 2am to let Riley out.  (Riley has been having intestinal difficulties, and we were trying to avoid waking up to another gigantic mess.)  I stepped out onto the deck to shoo him into the yard, and I heard hooting.  Like actual owl-type hooting.  The kind I’ve only ever heard exaggerated in scary nighttime scenes in Disney movies.  And those are always set deep in the woods or on farms or something.  I certainly didn’t expect to hear it in our treeless suburban neighborhood.  And then I heard a second one.  TWO OWLS.  In my backyard.  At 2 in the morning.  May I never hear that again (if only because I prefer not to be up at 2 in the morning).

Hey, I managed to embarrass myself on Twitter this morning.  On the plus side, John Scalzi replied to my tweet.  On the minus side, I came off looking like an idiot.

And on top of that, I look like a nerd trying to impress someone with a big word.  In my defense, I ran out of characters when I tried to say “irrelevant to the discussion” instead.  I was being concise.

I’m going to hide now.

Update: To make the whole Twitter thing worse, I was just catching up on my blog reading, went to Whatever, and found that the article was apparently in yesterday’s Washington Post and John Scalzi posted it on his own blog then.  So now I’m an idiot who clearly doesn’t keep up with his blog.  Just great.


  1. I embarrass myself on twitter all the time, if it makes you feel better. And I don’t even know who scalzi IS. Who is he, anyway? besides a journalist, of course. 🙂

  2. Zannah

    He’s a science fiction novelist. One of my recent favorites. And he has a blog (Whatever – it’s in my blogroll).

    I’ve embarrassed myself plenty, but usually no one famous is reading. 🙂 It’s okay when I embarrass myself in front of friends and family. They probably expect it.

  3. Zannah

    Yeah, you’re missing something. I didn’t claim to be a journalist. The username next to the picture is who wrote the tweet. The username in the text of the tweet is who it’s directed to. Try again.

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