What is this – I don’t even – gah

Do I live in North Dakota?  Near any Great Lake?  Do I live in ALASKA?  No.  Do I live below the Mason-Dixon line?  Yes.  Is it October still?  YES.  Then why WHY did I wake up to this this morning?

It doesn't look so bad here, but it was early.

I mean, really, weather, what’s going on here?  The snow switched to sleet briefly and then right back to snow.  It came down steadily ALL DAY LONG.  I don’t live in #$*&% Minnesota, people!

If this is an omen, I may not be leaving the house this winter.  I’ll have to get my groceries airlifted in.  New tires just became a higher priority.  Maybe I should teach the dogs how to pull a sled.  And I can learn to snowshoe.

On top of that, it seems we now have two dogs with stomach problems, so off to the vet we will go (again) Monday morning.

(Obviously – or maybe not if you’re ignoring the news – everyone in the Northeast has it worse than us, but that is not the point.  It’s not even Halloween yet, for crying out loud.)


  1. Bring on the snow!

    I managed to get a picture of my little guy’s face when he say snow for the first time – strange that it happened before Halloween, but hey – whaddya gonna do?

    (And yes, Boston is no joke in the cold)

  2. Zannah

    I wouldn’t say it’s the weather I’m objecting to so much as the timing of said weather. I’m fairly certain snow in October is out of the ordinary for Boston, too.

    Greg – was he overjoyed or confused? Adorable either way, I’m sure.

  3. Father of a Baffled Son

    He thought it was cool – took him a few minutes to figure out what was making his nose so cold. A couple of good pictures of it online; I’ll send you a link in an email.

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