Baking Spree: The Beginning

I have shopped.  Not for normal things, no (although I did buy milk).  I bought baking things.  I have promised more baked goods to others.  There appears to be something wrong with me.  I need to stop volunteering. Too late to back out now, though, so I took the first steps today.  I am now the proud owner of white and milk chocolate wafers (for melting), crushed peppermint (to go in the melted white chocolate), crushed toffee (to go in the melted milk chocolate), flour, and a whole bunch of chocolate chips (I already have the other stuff).  By the end of this week, I’ll have made peppermint bark and toffee bark (which doesn’t really count as baking, but hush – I’m  being domestic), and by the end of next Saturday, I expect to be up to my ears in chocolate chip cookies.  I have to make a couple more sweet potato pies for work, but they’re not needed until the 19th, so that’s a problem for Future Me to solve.


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