Baking Spree: In the thick of it

If this were a movie, I’d put a training montage here (because training montages are cool).  Since it’s not, you’ll have to imagine your own or just visualize me melting chocolate.  It’s like watching paint dry, but it smells yummier.  I spent Monday and Tuesday evenings making peppermint bark and toffee bark, and today is about chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, I have a cookie exchange TONIGHT (in less than seven hours), and I am just now starting to bake the actual cookies.  I only need a few dozen.  They don’t take that long, right?  I can totally do this.  See?  I’m prepared.

Also, there’s Christmas music playing (with a few Hanukkah songs sprinkled in, even though that’s way over), and I’m drinking tea.  We may not decorate for the holidays (like, at ALL), but the season is nice.

Update: First batches are out, more are going back in, and I have unleashed all kinds of smoke into the house.  We’ve had to open windows.  Nothing is burned, but I think it’s the wax paper, like, melting or something.  I’ve used parchment paper before, but it always seems to burn at the edges, which makes me nervous.  And I don’t want to just put the cookies straight onto the cookie sheet because they don’t seem to come back up easily.

First batch!


Next batch going in.


Whole bunch of cookies cooling.

Update 2: Okay, so I googled it, and apparently you aren’t supposed to bake with wax paper (at least, that what some websites say).  I decided to try parchment paper again (for round 2) and do my best to keep it from burning.  And?  Success!  No more smoke, no burning paper, yummy looking cookies.  And now I have 149 (because we ate one – DELICIOUS) regular chocolate chip cookies and 37 chocolate chip and toffee cookies (that I have not yet tried).

Update 3: 36 chocolate chip toffee cookies (we ate one).  I might not have added enough toffee.  Good, but still mostly just chocolate chip cookies.  Not like that’s a bad thing.


  1. Zannah

    Decorating party! Sounds like fun. Pictures to come?

    Mom, maybe we’ll make cookies together after we make Dad sweet potato pie in a gluten free crust. The mixer will already be out, right?

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