It’s not always about baking

Sunday morning, I realized the disadvantages of having a ton of cookies (I will eat ALL THE COOKIES).  I decided to offload some of them at Erik and Margaret’s house (John was not exactly on board with this decision – he’s never thrilled when I give cookies and pies away), where we finally met new baby Will (who wriggled against my shoulder for a while as I held him, puked down my arm and side, and then fell asleep – he made some cute cooing noises, so all is forgiven) and played with Corinne (who gets more adorable every time we see her).  When we got home in the afternoon, John dropped his phone on the porch and smashed the screen into smithereens.  He was overdue for a phone upgrade, so we headed to the Sprint store.  That took the rest of the day.  Seriously, we were there for nearly three hours.  At least two and a half.  There was only one guy working and only one woman in front of us, but she took FOREVER.  Getting a new phone is never quick (it took John about 30 minutes, maybe 40, and he already knew exactly what he wanted), but it doesn’t have to take an hour and a half.  And that’s just after we arrived.  Who knows how long she’d been there before we walked in.  But hey, it’s over, and John owns a new Nexus 5.


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