Bulimia has never sounded so good. Okay, that’s not funny. Just gross.

I have been eating like crap lately.  I mean, today alone I skipped breakfast, had coffee from Starbucks, ate more dessert than lunch at the holiday potluck at work (and what lunch I had that wasn’t dessert was somebody’s cheeseburger dip with chips and somebody else’s meatballs and stuff like that), and then had a beer with coworkers after work for dinner.  I’m home now, and I could eat something healthy(ish) for dinner, but a) I’m not hungry, and b) I have cookies and toffee bark.  Why would I eat dinner?  Ugh.  I don’t think I can talk about food anymore.  I’ll feel better tomorrow.  And maybe I’ll eat a salad.  Tomorrow.

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  1. Momma B

    It’s the time of year. All that stuff is available and it’s hard to make good choices. I had a sudden craving for celery the other night for a bedtime snack. So I took a few stalks, cleaned them, dried them, and brought them to bed while I was reading. I think it was a rebound to all the holiday stuff.

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