Bits and pieces

I have a few hours to myself today, and I think I’m going to use them to catch up on a little bit of the internet.  Just a little.  I’m reading backwards through Whatever (which has already inspired me to buy a new Kindle book –  The Furnace by Timothy S. Johnston.  I put it on my wish list so I wouldn’t forget about it, noticed it was only $2.51, and bought it.), and I don’t expect to get very far (I’m only 10 days back right now), but every little bit counts when I feel like I need to catch up.  Little bits, here and there.  I have tomorrow, but then it’s back to work, so most of the internet will have to remain dusty for me.  Sorry, internet.  Oh, John is about to go upstairs to practice, which means I can watch Pitch Perfect (he’s not interested), and I guess I’ll just have to apologize to more of the internet.  Sorry, more of the internet.


  1. Jess

    I think Pitch Perfect is worth watching just for the announcers at the competitions. They crack me up. (REALLY wish screenwriters and book writers would get away from the “my parents divorced therefore I can’t get close to anyone because it’s just SO AWFUL” character though. Drives me batty.)

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