Reading should never be this hard

I could have spent all day working on a blog post, but instead I focused on finishing my book.  And it took focus.  It wasn’t bad, not in any way, but it wasn’t the right choice.  I figured that out fairly quickly, but then I got stubborn.  I was going to finish this book, THIS book and now, not put it down and come back to it later.  So reading today felt a bit like a chore.  A chore I have COMPLETED.  Yay me.  Now I can pick out a good one.


  1. On Cyclopian Columns

    I had a similar experience with the definitive Lovecraft; way too long and wordy for my taste (if that’s a proper criticism for a book) but I forced myself to power through it.

    Now Amanda has me reading the first book in the Divergent series – for some reason. It’s like chewing soft butter after trying to be a termite for a month.

  2. Cuthulu is my co-pilot

    Worth it is a hard call – I only read him because it kept coming up in other mediums, and I got curious. Some of his stuff is good, but I don’t think you need to read the entire collection like I did. He uses a lot of the same imagery and references in every story so that they lose their punch quickly and make them feel a bit hollow.

    I think you’d be better served but trying one or two of his longer pieces and a hand full of his short stories.

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