I’m a winner!

You are reading the blog of an award-winning photographer!  Well, “award”…no, it’s an actual award.  See?

Don’t let the blue color fool you, though.  There were 12 winners, and the judges refused to give us our rankings.  We had a photo contest at work, and the 12 pictures that got the most votes will be put into next year’s calendar.  Everyone at work will get one.  So, while I won, I was one of 12, and I may very well have been 12th of 12.  I know I got at least two votes (mine and Chastity’s).  Also, there were only 18 or 19 submissions, so….I’m saying I’m taking this award with a grain of salt.  🙂  There were some very nice pictures in competition.

This is the village of La Rocque Gageac, along the Dordogne River.

You like?  I bet you all would have voted for me.