This is how I’m supposed to be living.  (Sometimes.)  Our open house this week was from 11-1 (our agent got someone to cover for him instead of totally flaking), so John and I headed to a nearby historic district to hang out in a coffee shop/cafe.  We sat at a counter that used to be a shoe shine stand in the front window, ate English muffins, and I had the best chai latte I’ve ever had.  It was a little loud, but you know, Sunday morning coffee and brunch crowd – I don’t know anywhere we could go for coffee that time of morning on a Sunday and not find a ton of people. We were lucky to find this unoccupied counter space at all.

It was so nice and pleasant on a chilly, overcast November morning.  Lots of people walking by with dogs and kids.  People wearing cute coats.  (I can feel the urge to shop coming on.  Must step away from the computer.)