More better words please

A friend and I were talking about orphan rows today (as they relate to databases) and rows with dangling pointers, which are kind of the opposite, like parents who have lost their children, and we realized that there’s no word for parents who have lost their children.  What’s the orphan equivalent?  A wife whose husband has died is a widow, and a husband whose wife has died is a widower….and that’s when we realized that widower doesn’t make sense.  The husband didn’t widow anyone.  He is not one who widows.  So in addition to needing a word that means parent-who-has-children-who-have-died, we need a better word for a husband whose wife has died.  Someone should get on that.  Also, this is sad, so go watch the new Star Wars trailer.  And look for the Lucas enhanced version, too.  It’s funny.  You’ll feel better.

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