Quiet yoga time turned surreal

I made it back to yoga this week, and we had a few minutes of relaxation time at the end. There was no music playing in the room, no talking, just stillness and breathing.  My mind really went quiet for a little bit, but then the rest of the world began to creep back in.  First, I noticed the ticking clock in the room.  I hadn’t even realized that clock made noise. Then, very quietly at first but louder the more I noticed it, I heard Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” seeping in from the speakers on the main floor of the gym.  But the song and the ticking clock weren’t in sync with each other, nowhere near the same tempo, so they fought, both getting louder.  I was having visions of meshed realities and Doctor Who. All in the space of about a minute. Maybe less.  Then the instructor called us back to reality, and it got less weird.

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