We’ve got spirit, yes we do

We have decided to do some light decorating this year.  Today was the beginning, when we picked up a wreath for the front door.


So festive.  🙂  I’ll pick up a couple more things over the next few days (maybe a garland for the fireplace, some tchotchkes for the table or island).  I don’t want lights or anything over the top, but since we’re still on the market, we thought the house might look more welcoming if we embraced the spirit of the season.  Plus it’s pretty.

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  1. momma betty

    Very pretty wreath. I still have an autumn/Thanksgiving thing hanging on (and sometimes falling off) the front door. I’ve got a spangly, glittery wreath with blue ornaments on it that I’ve hung up in the past, but it’s beginning to look pretty shabby. I really like the look of a single candle in each of the front windows that some people do. Sort of a soft, warm and subtle glow. There are electric ones, but the battery-powered ones are better since you don’t always have an outlet close enough.

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