My taste in music is beyond reproach, of course

Obviously, everyone’s musical preferences are a matter of personal taste. There’s no right or wrong. (Yes, there is.) No objective right or wrong. (Yes, there is.) There are classics (the Beatles, Elvis, etc.) that it seems like everyone should like, but I’m sure there are people out there who don’t like them. (They’re wrong.)

Then there are the influential groups or people (who often (always?) overlap with the classics). Is it as imperative that everyone like them? I hope not. I’m thinking of the Doors in particular. I heard two songs of theirs this morning, and they’ve been stuck in my head most of the day. I’m not enjoying it. I mostly don’t like the Doors. Jim Morrison seemed like a pompous, self-important jackass. The only Doors song I really like is “Touch Me” (I like horn sections), and I’m okay with “People are Strange”. I could do without all of the others all of the others that I recognize as the Doors. I suppose it’s possible that there’s another Doors song out there that I’ll like, but I haven’t heard it yet. Or I’ve heard it, liked it, and didn’t know it was the Doors. Find me a handful of those, and I’ll consider revising my opinion of the band as a whole.

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