Feeling feisty

I’m in all-out fight mode today, but I’m pretty sure no one has noticed (at work – John knows).  This is a good thing; the person in charge of customer service should never start fights, fight back, or even appear to be anything other than angelic.  Not exactly, of course, but I never lose my cool in front of my customers.  Never.

Repeat after me:

I am at peace. I am as one with the world!  I want to help everyone, even if one person just threw me under the bus.  Oops, I mean this person clearly needs my help and just didn’t know how to ask for it.  Let’s help him out!

Deep breaths.  Smile?  Yes, smile.  My friendly voice is back, and…into the fray I go!

(This is a good reason to continue the boxing workouts.)


  1. Dad

    Also remember you are not a saint and it is unfair for anyone to expect you to be one. If the person who threw you under the bus happens to work for you, perhaps you should have a friendly chat. If it was a customer, well, keep smiling….

  2. Zannah

    A customer who works for my company, I should add, which makes it safer for me to talk to him. We talked today. He didn’t realize…because he’s clueless. He apologized.

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