Best sandwich in the world

Guys, you can stop looking.  I have found the best sandwich in the world, and it is made right here in Annapolis.  The restaurants we’ve tried here have been hit or miss (mostly miss), but this sandwich shop is really really good.  It’s called The Big Cheese (or Sammy’s Deli – seems to have both names), and it’s got this enormous menu.  John and I (and Jess) have tried a bunch of their sandwiches already (all good), but there’s one I’ve had twice now, and I’m going to have to force myself to get anything else after this.  It’s the called the Brie Sandwich (the sandwich is more exciting than its name), and you can get it cold or warm.  French brie, honey mustard, lettuce, and tomato on a baguette (I get the French baguette, not the American baguette), and I can’t imagine getting it cold.  I’ve gotten it warm both times, and the cheese is all melty and it’s SO delicious.  (Dad, I haven’t asked yet if they have gluten-free bread, but I’m SURE they would make you a sandwich on whatever bread you bring.)  I think I’ve been there four times now (in the 16 or 17 days we’ve lived here), and I think I’m starting to look familiar to the owners (I think they’re the owners).  John tried (and liked) a sandwich named the Randi Sue (chicken salad with cranberries and other things in it), and then the next time he went, Randi Sue was working the register.  Turns out she’s the owners’ daughter, and they’ve got a son they’ve named a sandwich after, too.  Nice place, nice people, GREAT sandwiches.