Calling in tired

I am SO damn sleepy right now.  I got the normal amount of sleep, and I was the usual amount of awake after my shower this morning, but then we went to the DMV.  Which apparently isn’t called the DMV in Maryland, so I guess we didn’t go there.  We went to the MVA.  I got my title transferred to MD, registered the car in MD, and got a new MD driver’s license.  I’m a MD resident now!  And it only took about an hour.  John only needed to get a new license, but that became a much bigger ordeal.  Turns out they got his name wrong when he registered his car (VIII became his last name instead of the suffix), and they can’t fix that at the Annapolis location.  They had to punt that task over to Glen Burnie, and no one had any idea how long it would take.  But they didn’t tell him that right away, oh no.  First, they told him he had to see a supervisor and that he’s next in line for one when they free up.  That took…I’m not sure how long.  But we didn’t leave until about an hour after I was done, and that hour sucked all of my alertness away.

We got back home, and we’ve been catching up on everything that happened at work while we were away, and ALL I WANT TO DO is nap.  My level of tired is approaching just-got-off-a-plane-in-Europe tired, the kind where it’s not safe to drive.  And Jess tells me (via text) that she stayed home today because she’s sick.  Please tell me that is not where this is going.

Maybe I will nap.

Update: I didn’t nap.  Well, I did, but only for maybe 8 minutes.  I did feel better, though, so maybe the 8-minute nap is a thing.