Hoping to miss the Thanksgiving travel craziness

Thanksgiving Travel: the general rule is don’t do it if you don’t have to.  And if you do have to, give yourself lots of time, or go in the middle of the night, or go last week.  We’ve dodged it in past years by hosting (which comes with its own complications).  This year, we’re dodging the worst part of the travel (we hope) by traveling ON Thanksgiving.  I’m flying to KY and John is driving to Emily’s house around midday on Thanksgiving Day (today).

With a flight at a time many people are already eating Thanksgiving dinner, I’m hoping to avoid all the airport drama.  And I’ll still make it in time to have Thanksgiving dinner at a normal time (dinner time).  And someone else will do the cooking.  (I planned it that way.  I’m very sneaky.)

Wish me luck!

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