No more panic

The panic is gone (and may have been exaggerated for effect).  I’m just in how-do-I-get-myself-out-of-all-these-work-things mode.  I packed last night (mostly).  Ate some fruit (a lot of fruit – more on that later).  Work is….what it always is, which makes getting away difficult, but I’ll manage it.  I ran this morning, had coffee (decaf!) with Jess this morning, and now I would like to shower, eat more fruit (there’s really a lot of fruit), and finish packing.  THEN I’ll feel better.  My goal is the big sigh of relief when I get in the car.  Although it might be put off in favor of getting to the gate.  Then I can relax.

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  1. momma betty

    Fruit? Does that help with the anxiety? Whatever works. Well, not WHATever. You might exclude things like illegal drugs and such. 🙂

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