Day .5

Tuesday evening shouldn’t count as Day 1.  We got ALL the way to Frederick (an hour and twenty minutes, and that includes a detour for fast food) and spent the night with Emily and Sean.  That was wonderful, of course, but we had SUCH a late start.  The movers, originally scheduled to arrive between 8 and 10, were switched to the 11am to 1pm window, so instead of starting first thing in the morning, nothing even got going until practically midday.  THEN we had parking problems.  Turns out our neighbors, just three houses down, were also moving out, but they had two moving trucks and they took up all available space.  I had a mild freak-out, but it all worked out okay because the drivers of their trucks were super-cool and accommodating.

Our movers arrived around 11, but there were only two of them.  Granted, we don’t have that much stuff, but what was planned for no more than six hours took eight, even with John helping with the heavy stuff.  They finished about 7:15, and we left town at 8.  We expected to spend our first night in Frederick, almost no matter what (and we had Camaro-related stuff we had to hand off to them, so we were stopping there definitely no matter what), but it would have been nice to have dinner with them and not just use them as a free bed.

It wasn’t the greatest start.  But it’ll get better!  Tomorrow, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana!

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