Somebody really sculpted faces into a mountain


Our plan worked!  We have become shadows of our former selves and are drifting aimlessly through life. Or, the early morning snow cleared out and we got a perfect day for Mount Rushmore.  That’s the plan I meant.


It was surreal and SO weird.  What a strange thing to want to do!  And how VERY strange to be driving along and all of a sudden see these giant faces in the mountainside.  In person, it’s even weirder than just knowing it’s out there.

I learned something about myself yesterday.  As we were driving up to the park, we caught our first glimpse of it, and THAT’S when it sank in to me that this giant sculpture actually existed.  If you had asked me the day before if Mount Rushmore was a real thing, I would have said of course it is, but when I saw it, just that first glimpse from a moving car, it felt almost like learning that Bugs Bunny is a real talking rabbit.  Mount Rushmore is something I’ve only heard about, only seen in movies, and I guess I never really processed it as real.  I don’t do that with other things I haven’t seen for myself, do I?


We’re being photobombed by stone heads.  Also, I am incapable of looking at the lens.


  1. Bro

    Isn’t it remarkably smaller in person than you expected? That’s one of the things that struck me about it.

  2. Zannah

    Yes and no. We couldn’t get close enough to really appreciate how big it is, I think, but I kept trying to get a feeling for the scale of it, so I alternated between thinking “IT’S SO BIG” and “I thought it would be bigger”.

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