I desperately need new running shoes.  Mine have worn out to the point of discomfort, and after running in them this morning, I think I may have actually done some harm to my left foot.  It’s uncomfortable enough that I’m taking tomorrow (Sunday) off, and I’m putting off buying new shoes until it feels better.

I’m disappointed.  I was really looking forward to buying new shoes this afternoon, but with my foot feeling like this, I won’t be able to tell if the shoes are uncomfortable because they’re not for me or if they’re uncomfortable because my foot hurts.

Boo and blah.

Grumble grumble grumble.  I’m off to sulk.


  1. momma betty

    Anyplace you could swim while you wait for your feet to be normal? What am I saying? Your feet have never been normal. Long skinny things like your father’s. 🙂

  2. Zannah

    Possibly (I could join a gym with a pool), but I’m hoping my feet will be normal (my normal) by tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

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