Barely a river

I biked to Massage Envy this afternoon for my facial, and on my way home, I detoured down to the riverbank.  My whole ride is along the riverbank, but I followed one of the wider paths to a quasi-beach.


I like the funny little tree islands.


It was a little before 3pm, and, like you’d expect in the middle of a Monday afternoon, no one was around.


Yesterday, I could barely see the river for the people.  This past weekend was SO HOT, mid to upper 90s.  Not as humid as the east coast, but still pretty damn hot for a state that doesn’t believe in air conditioning.  The entire city of Eugene was on, in, or next to the river yesterday afternoon.  We went shopping for a portable A/C, which now resides happily in our bedroom.

Today is hot, tomorrow will hot, and then the temperature for the next 10 days will be in the low 70s or 60s.  I WELCOME THE COOL.

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