I need another fluffy show

You’ll all be happy to know that I haven’t locked myself out of the car OR hit myself in the face in a week.  I need a sign: 7 days since my last idiotic incident!

I have been unhealthily obsessed with finishing all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, which I only even started because I was hearing about the reunion miniseries, and I figured it was about time I watched it.  I started watching it on September 16th with Christina (I know the date because I remember which gig John was at), and John picked up the habit later that weekend, so we have been watching this show for nearly three full months.  We sped through the last season in about a week (finished it yesterday), and we watched the first of the miniseries tonight.  We’re missing the nostalgia factor, of course.  For fans, it’s been nine years since the show ended.  For us, 24 hours.

Do I love it?  No.  Have I enjoyed our binge-watch?  Most definitely.  And I will be a little sad when there aren’t any more new episodes.  At the rate we’re going, that’ll be Saturday.  Maybe Sunday.

I’ll have to find new characters on new shows to yell at.

What’s another hour-long show that has a ton of seasons?  Oh, I guess we’ll go back to The Sopranos…


  1. Margaret

    Erik watched the reboot episodes with me and thought they weren’t bad – he even laughed at some of it. But like you, he didn’t have the nostalgia factor. I got sick of Gilmore Girls by the end of its run by liked the reunion…I have pretty low expectations for reboots so was happily surprised by this one!

  2. momma betty

    Have you guys ever watched Six Feet Under? I know it was a long time ago but it’s really, really, really good, and there are quite a few seasons so it will take you awhile. Also, I think if you’ve never watched House of Cards–or even started but quit–you need to go back to it. With what we’re facing in our new reality, watching something even crazier (maybe, maybe not?) might be helpful. Thinking about going back to it myself. We watched the first season of West Wing a couple of months and I got so depressed that it was only fiction, I couldn’t go back. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the world where Josiah Bartlett is president. 🙁 I think I’ll go open a bottle of wine. Don’t have any tequila.

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