Should I stay or should I go

We had an ice storm today.  Well, we didn’t, but there was an ice storm in parts of Oregon today.  And we had enough sleet that we’ve got little icicles hanging from the gutters and the trees are covered in ice and the poor rosebushes are weighed down by the ice.

It’s icy is what I’m saying.  Also cold.

We’re slow-cooking for dinner (good day for it), and The Bloggess made me laugh.

We are considering sticking around Eugene for a little bit longer than originally planned.  Partly, it’s because John is excited about his new band (which still needs a name) and wants to give it a real shot, but mostly it’s because we’re not ready.  We haven’t made much of an effort to figure out where we’d go next or how we’d make it happen, and if we go right when our lease is up (which is less than four months from now), we have to be moving at full speed on that right now.

I don’t want to do that, and neither does John.  We still like our plan (possibly with modifications), and we still don’t plan on staying in Eugene forever, but we feel like we just got here.  There are still things to do.  So maybe we’ll stay a little longer.

On the other hand, John is sick again (congested and miserable), for the third time in five months.  Maybe it’s the house and maybe we should move.


  1. Capt Will Laurence

    Yay! I’m selfishly glad you’re going to stick around a bit longer. We REALLY want to get out there to visit before you leave. Hope John feels better. (Shamefully, I actually had to think about the math problem required prior to posting a comment.)

  2. Zannah

    You’re welcome anytime! How’s Temeraire doing?

    You should be ashamed of yourself, math-wise. Don’t you have to help Gaby with her homework? Of all of us, you should be keeping up!

  3. momma betty

    Wow. Sorry about the weather, and I mean that sincerely. Between your icy cold and this book I’m reading about a blizzard in Maine, I’m pretty sure I never, ever want to go back to ice and snow and cold winds. Brrrr.

    (I have to think the math sometimes, too, but it’s usually because I’m not paying close attention to the symbols–+, -, x,–then I get annoyed because I think the program is wrong. Below: 8 x eight = 64!)

    • Math (non)Wizard

      I said I was ashamed! But speaking of helping Gaby, she was multiplying decimals by fractions a couple of weeks ago and I looked up at Christine panic-stricken only to find her studiously avoiding eye contact with either of us. Middle school may suck for all of us.

      I’m almost done with book 5. I have book 6 and am ordering 7 and 8 from the library this morning. Loving it! Have you read them all yet?

  4. Zannah

    I can help with the math!

    I’m near the end of book 5, too. I’ll pick up the next couple from the library this week, most likely. These books make me so happy. 🙂

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