I need more nerd friends

Specifically, I need more SFF book nerd friends.  I have Erik (THANK YOU, ERIK, AND WE NEED TO TALK BOOKS MORE), but I need more.  This WorldCon thing is hammering it home for me.  Tonight, for example, I’m watching a panel about Modern SF Criticism, and Robert Silverberg, who is not a panelist, submitted a question and comment, and GUYS.  Robert Silverberg is watching the same panel I’m watching.  If this weren’t virtual, we would be in the same room.  ROBERT SILVERBERG.

I have no one to squee with.

I mean, the people I would squee with are at this convention (virtually), so I have a goal to find/start a book club.  That I don’t have time for.


  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been really bad about keeping up with your Posts but now I see that I’ve received a call out I will do so more frequently!
    And yes, we need to discuss more books.
    Last weekend I was watching the movie of Dune (Its so terrible it is magnificent!) and realize I was 15 or 16 when I read it and one of the sequels. (God Emperor of Dune, #4) (No, skipping two and three was not a good idea.) It may be time to revisit that one.
    Becky Chambers also has a new book out; which I need to add to my list.


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