1. momma betty

    Ok, so should I feel snubbed because you didn’t send me a holiday card? I’m actually thinking about sending cards this year…which would be the first time in….(I’m thinking…)…several years. I’d like to send some cards with a Mexican theme but so far I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

    Economy: Not good. So sorry about your colleague. You’re smart to be prepared. Get your resume updated, tell everybody you know that you’re thinking about a new job, and stay on your toes.

    Hope John feels better but wonton soup just doesn’t measure up to matzo ball soup when you’re sick…unless you’re Chinese, and he isn’t. Call me tomorrow and I’ll give you my recipe.

  2. Zannah

    Nope. Immediate family was excluded from the card lists because we talk to you guys all the time. This was more for keeping in touch with the people we might not talk to regularly.

  3. penguinslippers

    Does that mean I’m exempt too? I don’t actually recall getting a Christmas card from you, but you could convince me that you did and I just forgot. I do things like that sometimes.

    I’ve written up several Christmas cards so far this year (I just need to get to the step of actually putting them in the mail. I used my birthday fountain pen (which bled into the paper and makes my handwriting look like I’m about 5 years old, but I still like it. It looks nice on the envelopes. Different paper, I guess.)

  4. Zannah

    I thought I sent one to you, but if I didn’t, I’m sorry. You’re on my (new) list for this year anyway. 🙂 Oops, now it won’t be a surprise.

  5. penguinslippers

    I just realized I said nothing about your friend, just about Christmas cards. Rather shallow of me. I’m sorry to hear that. That really stinks, especially with no notice.I mean really, they couldn’t afford to pay him for just two more weeks and allow him a little time to start looking for a new job? He didn’t do anything wrong, right? Unbelievable.

  6. Zannah

    We talked to him over the weekend. He did get a severance package, so he’s not immediately out in the cold. And no, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was laid off for funding reasons, not fired for cause. Officially. Most companies wouldn’t give anyone two weeks’ notice, whatever the reason, because really – who wants a disgruntled employee hanging around? Especially when, like us, you have sensitive material in the building. I only even brought it up as something that bugged me because they did just that (give two weeks) to two employees laid off from the same project a little over a year ago. So if you’re going to do it for some people, why not all? It is possible, though, that those two employees did NOT get a severance package, since they didn’t have the time in the company that our friend did. It just hit us the wrong way, I guess. There are other things that bother us more, but I shouldn’t discuss them online. 🙂

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