Almost talked ourselves into not leaving the house today.

John and I were just discussing where we might need to go to get some shopping today, when we realized (duh) that we really can do all of this online.  So then we decided not to go.  Until John realized that Melodee Music is open and they have this guitar he was thinking about and he wants to play it.  And I can mess around on an electronic drumset.  So we ARE going out.

35°  Look!  The degree symbol!  I had to paste it in from Word.  Jess – go to Insert, Symbol, and then at the bottom of the Symbol box, type 0176 in the Character Code field and choose ASCII (decimal) from the dropdown menu in the next field.  So you can insert it in to the Word doc and paste it into your blog post.  There’s supposed to be a keyboard shortcut (CTRL 0176), but it can only be used on the keypad, and I don’t have one on my laptop.  (At least, that’s why I think it’s not working for me.)


  1. Chef John, Anyone doing anything rmoetely upsetting to you should be taken out back and spanked with a spatula!And kudos on your cook book. I am asking for your cook book for Christmas and have all your recipes printed and plastic coated in a binder, as well as all your videos on a thumb drive – make sure you back up ALL YOUR RECIPES on a thumb drive…..YOU ARE A AMERICAN TREASURE. I’ve been cooking for 49 years, made my first pie at age 10 from scratch (apple). I do add alittle here or there but all your recipes i have tried are absolutely THE BEST. Simple, easy, fast, just plain good food. My cook book binder has your picture on the front, showing you standing in front of black iron fence. My grand daughter has told me she hopes I never die but if and when I do can she have my binder cookbook of Chef John….Best wishes, a loyal fan. Claudia

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