1. momma betty

    What a great narrative! Even though I’d heard most of it from you by phone already, I really enjoyed reading it all over again. Plus, in writing it, you really captured the feel of the Brewer family and Christmas. I was a little taken back by your comment “Having only spent Christmas with this family, I don’t know how it’s done anywhere else”, but then I thought, of course! I’m so happy you married into a family that has adopted you so completely as their own. And so thankful that you and John have made each other so happy for 8 years of marriage.

    I never knew you had such a thing about eating animals with all their parts attached.

  2. Zannah

    I didn’t really know how strongly I felt about it until now, either. The lobster incident really drove it home.

    Maybe I should have said “having only celebrated Christmas with this family….” to make what I meant a little clearer. And I’m pretty happy about belonging to them, too. 🙂

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