1. mbenner

    I had that problem with Harry Potter! (the last book). I was reading it at the gym and kept crying so had to give up on exercising and go home and read.

    Have you read Marley and Me? It’s another dog book that is also sad but really good…Erik has resigned himself to seeing the movie with me…

  2. Zannah

    I read Marley and Me a couple of years ago (after inadvertently buying the large print version). I think my expectations were too high after all the hype – I wasn’t all that crazy about it. The movie looks cute, though. I’ll see it with you if the boys don’t want to go.

    Weird that you mentioned Harry Potter! I was thinking about the last book this very morning while I was getting ready for work and just remembering some of the parts made me a little teary. 🙂 Pathetic, I know.

  3. momma betty

    I’m going to look for the book at the library today. I loved Marley the book! And I’ll probably see the movie…but Owen Wilson is not one of my favorites.

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