New Year’s Eve prep

I’m a list person.  I don’t keep them once I’m done and I certainly don’t organize them, but I do create them.  They’re usually on post-it notes or the backs of pages in my work notebook.  Sometimes I email myself lists and other times, if they’re short, I just repeat the items to myself over and over until I get to the store.  That’s not usually a successful method of remembering anything, though, so I do try to write stuff down as much as possible.  Today it’s a text file with a running list of everything I need to buy or do to be ready for tonight.  It’s open on my desktop so I can add to it as soon as I think of something, but the danger in the virtual list is the strong possibility that I will forget to print it before I leave for the store.  And yes, if I had a Blackberry or something similar, this wouldn’t be an issue.  I know.

My point, if I had one when I started today, might have been that even though I have a list of things that really should get done before anyone shows up at the house tonight, I am not worried about getting it all done.  I’ll be able to leave work early today (by virtue of having arrived much earlier than usual) and I will have plenty of time.  Besides, our friends are pretty forgiving.  🙂  Thanks, guys!

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